Saturday, September 3, 2016

Fiftieth Anniversary of "Star Trek"-- Part 1: As In "T"

From the August 28, 2016, Parade magazine "Why We Love Star Trek" by William Shatner.

"Star Trek" was first aired on September 8, 1966 with its mission to "boldly go where no man has gone before."  It did not do so well in the ratings back then but has since captured the love of multiple generations of families.

It is one of the most iconic sci-fi entertainment franchises along with, of course, "Star Wars."  It has spun off TV shows, blockbuster movies, games, books and other merchandise.

"Star Trek" has endured for 50 years, despite that shaky start.

According to actor William Shatner, who played Capt. James T. (Do you know what the T. stands for? Answer below) Kirk, 85, commander of the Starship Enterprise in the original TV  series and several movies:  I think 'Star Trek,' like science fiction in general, is mythology.  It offers a look into the future that's written by imaginative, creative artists whose vision may or may not be true, but we don't know until the future arrives.  It's not unlike religion--  we don't know for sure, but we take it on board."

Am I a Trekkie?  You Betcha.  --DaTrekker

The "T" Stands for "Tiberius."

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