Thursday, May 12, 2016

Spanish-American War Memorial Dedicated in Goldsboro, NC-- Part 3: All Four Died of Disease

Members of the Bain family were on hand to witness the event.  T.H. Bain, the great grandson of T.H. Bain came to the event from Florida and said, "We're really extremely honored that Mr. Tillman not only honored the four men who died but honored Theodore Bain and the Bain family and we're very appreciative as well."

Great granddaughter of Captain T.H. Bain, Georgia Bain Reese, from Wilmington, N.C., was also on hand.

The four men honored on the memorial are: Pvt. Archer C. Hayes, Pvt. Newman P. Jones, Pvt. Charles R. Barnes and Pvt. Thomas R. Edwards.  Hayes and Jones died in a Florida camp and Barnes and Edwards died in Havana, Cuba.


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