Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Spanish-American War Memorial Dedicated in Goldsboro, NC-- Part 2: Fulfilled Their Captain's Wish 117 Years Later

"One-hundred and seventeen years ago, T.H. Bain, the captain of the Goldsboro Rifles, made a public plea for a monument to be raised in the memory of the four members of his unit who died during the Spanish-American War.

"On Saturday, that wish was finally fulfilled."

I sure would have been there had I known about it and not has a 90th birthday party for my Aunt Louise to attend.

A monument bearing their names was dedicated in the Bain family plot in Goldsboro's Willowdale Cemetery.  The project was guided by Eagle Scout candidate Logan Tillman of Troop 581.

One more reason to like the Boy Scouts.

All four members of the Goldsboro Rifles died of disease.


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