Thursday, October 12, 2017

Where U.S. Presidents Were Born-- Part 2: Seven of First Twelve Born in Virginia

**  More than half of them come from just four states:  Virginia, Ohio, New York and Massachusetts with 24.

**  Most come from the East Coast, only eight born west of the Mississippi and just two west of the Rockies:  Nixon in California and Obama in Hawaii.

**  Ten of the original colonies had presidents.  Only Delaware, Maryland and Rhode Island didn't have one.

**  Seven of the first 12 presidents were born in Virginia.  Only one since, Woodrow Wilson.  Virginia was once the most populous state until overtaken by New York in 1810.

**  Seven of 17 presidents between 1869 and  1923 were born in Ohio.

**  Vermont leads in presidents per capita.  It had two presidents, Chester A. Arthur and Calvin Coolidge.

**  The three most populous states today:  California, Florida and Texas have had just three presidents between them (none from Florida).

** Trump is from New York.


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