Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Chain of Lakes' Mineola Hotel-- Part 3: All the Modern Amenities and Capone Too

Edson C. Howard purchased the building in 1891 and turned it into a hotel.  At a beginning price of $2 a day, visitors could enjoy hunting, fishing and the beauty of Fox Lake (not to mention the nearby lotus beds).

The hotel had all the modern amenities of the time including indoor plumbing and both hot and cold running water.

The draw to the Chain of Lakes included not only the beauty and water activities, but also easy access to gambling and alcohol.  It is often said that Al Capone and his gang spent time at the Mineola.  Whether he actually did is not known for sure.

The Mineola (or Min as regulars often referred to it) was run by the Howard family and continued to prosper even through the development of the automobile and Prohibition.  However, in the early 1940s, Mrs. Howard put the place up for sale.


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