Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Me and "The Min"

Over the years, as boaters on the Chain of Lakes (since 1985), we often visited the Mineola Bar in the lower level.  I especially enjoyed their fish fries on Fridays which had a great salad/soup bar as well.  Plus, they had a lot of great specials on drinks.

And, that view looking eastward across Fox Lake was something to behold.

They had a historical display of artifacts from the hotel as well as old menus (I always like to see what the prices were in the past).  You just had to appreciate the huge history of that place.

I even deejayed a couple parties on the second level when they had a banquet hall there as well as part of the veranda open.

Sadly, the building itself was largely neglected with but little done to redo it or anything like that.  Eventually the Village of Fox Lake, the mayor in particular, got into a fight with owner Pete Jakstas, or "Mineola Pete" as he is called, and the end result was the closing of the bar and restaurant with the idea of the place being unsafe.  That was several years ago and even without any repairs the place still stands.

I sure wish the village would work out some sort of a deal with Pete to reopen the bar/restaurant as we really miss the place and expect at anytime to have it destroyed.

That Will Be a Huge Loss of History and Beauty When That Happens.  --Cooter

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