Saturday, February 18, 2017

Final Goodbye: Notable Deaths in 2016-- Part 5: Adulyadej to Castro


King Bhumibol Adulyadej, 88.  World's longest reigning monarch in Thailand.  Oct. 13.

Junko Tabei, 77.  The first woman to climb Mt. Everest.  Oct. 20.

Tom Hayden, 76.  Antiwar activist.  Oct. 23.


Janet Reno, 78.  First woman to serve as US attorney general.  Nov. 7.

Leonard Cohen, 82.  Canadian singer-songwriter.  Nov. 7.

Gwen Ifill, 61.  Co-anchor of PBS' "News Hour."  Nov. 14.

Florence Henderson, 82.  Mom on "The Brady Bunch."  Nov. 24.

Fidel Castro, 90.  I thought this guy was going to kill me back in 1962.  Nov. 25.

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