Wednesday, April 20, 2016

New Titanic Items at Auction

From the April 19, 2016 Fox News "Titanic artifact reveal gruesome discovery of tragic ship's last lifeboat" by James Rogers.

Photos and a handwritten note detailing the grisly discovery of the tragic ship's last lifeboat are to be auctioned later this week.

The phots were taken May 13, 1912, almost a month after the sinking.  It shows the RMS Oceanic's find of what is thought to be the last lifeboat to leave the doomed ship.  Inside were three decaying bodies of passengers.

This was known as "Collapsible A."

The corpse wearing a dinner jacket was first-class passenger Thomson Beattie.  A wedding was found on the boat which had belonged to Swedish passenger Elin Gerda Lindell, who briefly reached the boat but later drowned.

Always the Titanic.  --Cooter

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