Saturday, August 2, 2014

Armour , Dole & Company of Chicago

From the Encyclopedia of Chicago.

At the end of June, I wrote about attending a New Odyssey concert in Crystal Lake, Illinois, on the grounds of the Dole Mansion which was built by successful Chicago businessman Charles S. Dole.

I'd never heard of him before and then I came across the name Armour, a famous one in Chicago.  I decided to find out some more about Dole's company that made him so rich, the Armour, Dole & Co..

The company was formed by George Armour, Charles Dole and Wesley Munges and owned a grain elevator at the depot of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad in Chicago with a capacity to hold 850,000 bushels.

After the Civil War, the Armour, Dole & Co. remained one of Chicago's leading grain warehouses.  Their elevators eventually had a combine capacity for 2.1 million bushels by 1871.  By the early 1880s, they could store 6.8 million bushels.

I am not sure whether George Armour was any relation to Philip Danfour Armour, who founded the famous Armour & Company.


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