Thursday, May 17, 2018

25 Things About "Laverne & Shirley"-- Part 7: What Does "Schmeill, Schmazell Mean?

22.  Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams presented the People's Choice award in 1977 to Henry Winkler and Ron Howard of "Happy Days."

23.  The famous "Schmeill, Schmazell, Hasenpfeffer Incorporated" that preceded Cyndi Grecio's classic theme song "Making Our Dreams Come True" in the opening montage came from Penny Marshall's childhood friends' song they used to sing walking to school.  According to The free Dictionary, Schmeill Schmazell means an unlucky person.

And, I always thought it had to do with the brewery where they worked.

24.  Cindy Williams left a couple episodes into the 8th and final season.  The reasons for her exit vary depending upon who gives it, but everyone agrees part of it was her demands about the show accommodating her pregnancy.  Feelings were hard and Penny and Cindy did not talk for several years.

25.  Cindy and Penny did reunite for a 2013 episode of "Sam & Cat" on Nickelodeon.


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