Thursday, July 12, 2018

Ships By the Name USS Missouri-- Part 4: SSN-780 (and Ships Named USS St. Louis)

Back in the 1900s state names were given to battleships.  Now, they are given to submarines.

The 5th USS Missouri (SSN-780) is a Virginia-class attack submarine. commissioned  31 July 2010.  In 2016 it was home ported at Pearl Harbor.

In addition, five U.S. warships have been named the St. Louis (Wikipedia lists seven):

USS St. Louis 1828 sloop  Civil War
USS St. Louis  1861  Ironclad  Civil War

USS St. Louis  1898   troop transport
USS St. Louis (C-20)  protected cruiser  1906-1922

USS St. Louis    (CL-49)  light cruiser 1939-1946  At Pearl Harbor
USS  St. Louis  (LKA-116)   Amphibious cargo ship 1969-1991
USS St. Louis  (LCS-19)  Littoral Combat Ship

Also there have been two ships with the name USS Kansas City.


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